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What the hell is BLOOD OATH?

John Milius once said “Pain is temporary, but film is forever”. A romantic quote, indeed, but why must we conflate the two?

Whether it be your first movie or your fifth, the ever-changing landscape of indie film can be difficult to navigate and full of challenges, but at BLOOD OATH, we believe those challenges can be fun, when dealt with strategically.

So what exactly is BLOOD OATH?

We’re a curated group of like-minded, passionate experts in independent film, with an emphasis on genre filmmaking.

And we want to help you develop, make and release your film!

Our Experience Speaks for Itself

After developing, financing, producing, delivering, acquiring, distributing and promoting numerous cult genre films, we might have something to offer your vision.

Learn from our mistakes, piggy back on our success.

And let's make some great films together.

Who the hell are BLOOD OATH?

We're filmmakers, first and foremost. And just like you, we're cinephiles with a dream.

No matter where you are in your filmmaking journey, we have someone on our specialized team dedicated for each and every step of the process:

Financing & Development
Casting & Production
Post & Delivery
Sales & Distribution
Festivals & PR
Pitch Decks & Presentations

We exist to positively change how genre films are made and seen.

We can work with you every step of the the way to formulate a plan from the ground up that inspires confidence in all whose collaboration you seek, eliminating confusion, uncertainty, and most of all, pain.

Say Hi. We're nice. We promise.

Aaron B. Koontz
Development & Production

A former producer at Universal Studios Production Group with nearly two decades in the film industry, including key crew on numerous studio features, Aaron set out to create his own production outlet, founding the Austin based boutique studio Paper Street Pictures in 2012.

With Paper Street, Aaron has Written, Directed, and Produced multiple genre bending films, including CAMERA OBSCURA, a psychological thriller released by NBC/Universal. SCARE PACKAGE the cult hit horror-comedy anthology via AMC's SHUDDER as well as THE PALE DOOR a horror-western he co-created with renowned author Joe R. Lansdale with RLJE Films.

In 2014, Aaron was a producer on the SXSW Midnighter horror film STARRY EYES, and is currently leading the Producing team for a horror doc and five other horror-thriller films, including the Lucky McKee directed and Stephen Lang starred thriller OLD MAN that just finished shooting this January in New York.

David Guglielmo

Since moving to LA from NYC, David Guglielmo has not stopped working. In only a few years, he has cast over twenty feature films, fast-tracking his induction into the Casting Society of America. His titles include THE STANDOFF AT SPARROW CREEK (TIFF), the thriller TILL DEATH starring Jason Sudeikis and Evangeline Lilly, and RUN HIDE FIGHT starring Thomas Jane.

He was hired as the Head of Casting for FANGORIA casting veteran actors such as Rebecca Romijn (SATANIC PANIC), Stephen Lang (VFW), and Guy Pearce (THE SEVENTH DAY) in starring roles.

Additionally, Guglielmo writes, directs, and produces his own independent films to critical acclaim. NO WAY TO LIVE and HOSPITALITY were released one year apart to positive reviews, and are currently available on Amazon Prime and all VOD platforms.

Ashleigh Snead
Budgets, Incentives & Line Producing

Ashleigh Snead is a producer & entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience both in and out of the film industry. She began her career in event production & publicity in NYC before launching her own successful business in 2006 which she continues to run today.

With an MBA from NYU she enjoys bringing her entrepreneurial spirit to film and has produced numerous features including the SXSW punk rock horror THE RANGER, the Fantasia launched sci-fi thriller THE BLOCK ISLAND SOUND starring Jim Cummings, as well as SCARE PACKAGE and THE PALE DOOR with Paper Street.

Ashleigh was tapped to help with the launch of the Los Cabos International Film Festival in Mexico. She has been on the Feature Film Jury for The Vail Film Festival since 2018 and participates in panels for NYU, Stage 32, and more. She is a partner and the Director of Production at Paper Street Pictures.

Ashleigh welcomes the challenge of producing & line producing within a variety of budgets & locations with the goal of serving the story and creating the best team to support the Director’s vision.

Logan Ann Taylor
Festivals & Promotion

Logan Taylor is an Austin-based acquisitions exec, programmer, professor, and producer. She acquires content for Screen Media Ventures and has worked for numerous festivals in programming and event support including Fantastic Fest, Boston Underground Film Festival, SXSW, and Cinepocalypse.

Outside of programming, Logan mentors projects at various stages of development for the Frontieres Market at Fantasia Film Festival and teaches film courses at Austin Community College and writes film analysis for publications including Split Tooth Media and Dope Magazine.

Logan is never afraid of any movie and always afraid of every spider.

Jordan Dykstra
Sales & Financing

Jordan Dykstra, Santa Monica-based, is Managing Director of Film Bridge International and its genre label subsidiary, After Dark. He was a producer on Patrick Lussier’s TRICK starring Omar Epps and Tom Atkins. He has also represented other genre films such as Fangoria’s upcoming CASTLE FREAK remake, the SXSW hit PORNO, STANDOFF AT SPARROW CREEK, SATANIC PANIC and REPENTANCE starring Forrest Whitaker and Anthony Mackie.

While at Film Bridge, he has been involved in the financing, production and sales of noteworthy titles such as MISCONDUCT starring Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino, SPINNING MAN starring Pierce Brosnan and Guy Pearce, and AN INTERVIEW WITH GOD starring David Strathairn and Brenton Thwaites.

Outside of selling movies, Jordan is thinking about selling movies.

Brandon Hill
Distribution & Acquisitions

Based in Los Angeles, Brandon Hill has a decade of successful experience in foreign sales, production, specializing in domestic acquisitions and distribution.

He worked most recently as the VP of Distribution & Acquisitions for CINESTATE & FANGORIA, where he built out and oversaw both departments. This included analyzing and acquiring films, managing and working with multiple teams on each film release, negotiating strategic partnerships, and keeping each release organized, while mitigating financial risk. During this time, one of the films he acquired was the 2019 SXSW hit, PORNO, which was one of the first titles distributed as a virtual theatrical release. Previously, Hill was the Executive Director of Acquisitions & Distribution at GOOD DEED ENTERTAINMENT & CRANKED UP FILMS. Here, Hill oversaw acquisitions for both labels and acquired films including EXTRA ORDINARY, AFTER MIDNIGHT and DON’T LEAVE HOME.

Additionally, he produced NIGHTMARE CINEMA and helped in the release of the ACADEMY AWARD-Nominated, LOVING VINCENT.

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